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The Loyd Carlson Memorial Best Poster Award

Year Recipient

T. P. Lupo (tie)
L. Krystinik

R.M. Slatt (tie)
Y. Abousleiman

2010 M.S. Cameron
F.E. Walles
2009 M. S. Cameron
F. E. Walles
D. M. Jarvie
2008 R. Reed
R. Loucks

S.C. Schurger (tie)
K.D. Newell
T.R. Carr
J.G. Blenco

K. Diza-Tushman (tie)
S.E. Laubach
R. Marrett

2006 H. H. Roberts,
R. H. Fillon,
L.M. Casthles
2005 Daniel M. Jarvie
R.M. Pollastro
R.J. Hill
B.L. Claxton
M.H. Tobey
D.A. Wavrek
2004 Adam R. VanHolland
2003 Hal Gluskoter
2002 Harry H. Roberts
2001 John R. SanFilipo
1997 Andrew R. Scott
1996 Kathleen S. Fowler
1995 Thomas E. Hoak
Alan L. Klawitter
1994 Anne V. Oldham
1993 Jack C. Pashin
1991 C. A. Johnson
1990 B. K. Jain
1989 Rebecca L. Dodge
1988 Allen M. Feder
1980 Christine Turner-Peterson