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Frank Kottlowski Memorial Award*

Year Recipients
2012 J.A. May and D.S. Anderson (tie) and
Q.R. Passey, K. Bohacs, R.E. Klimentidis, W.L. Esch, and S. Sinha (tie)
2011 Jack Pashin (tie) and
Alan S. Kornacki & Kim Manzano-Kareah (tie)
2010 T. Stark and
C.W. Cook
2009 B. Rostron
S. Whittaker

R. B. Hunger
S. A. Digert
S. J. Wilson
T. Collett
R. Boswell

2007 T. Collett
S. Dallimore
S. Hancock
2006 W. C. Riese
G. K. Arp
A. Sanford
G. Snyder
W.L. Pelzmann
2005 H. Todd Schaef
B.P. McGrail
S.P. Reidel
2004 Jack C. Pashin
Marcella R. McIntyre
R.E. Carroll
2003 Janok P. Bhattacharya
2002* Charles R. Nelson
2001 William DeMis
1999 Scott R. Dallimore
1998 Richard G. Allis
1997 John D. Grace
1996 W. C. Rusty Riese
1995 Roger Tyler
1994 James L. Coleman, Jr.
1993 Jeffrey S. Hanor
D. Keith Murray
1991 Walter B. Ayers, Jr.
1990 Rebecca L. Dodge
1989 A. W. Layne
1988 Frederic R. Siegel
1987 C. Austin
D. MacDonald
1986 J. Climie
1985 F. Meissner
K. Wenrich
1984 William R. Kaiser
J. Breyer
Walter B. Ayers, Jr.
1983 Donald J. Carpenter
1982 John R. Nurkowski
1981 C. Dahlstrom
1980 John C. Horne
Christine Turner-Peterson
1979 William E. Galloway
1978 James E. Tilsey
*The Best Paper Award became the Frank Kottlowski Memorial Award in 2002.