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President’s Certificate for Excellence in Presentation

Year Recipients
Oral Presentation
  • R. Loucks, S.C. Ruppel, R.M. Reed, and U. Hammes
  • J.F. Gale, P. Eichhubl, A. Fall, and S.E. Laubach
Poster Presentation
  • F.J. Hein and B. Fairgrieve, Joslyn Creek
  • J.-Y. Chatellier, B. Menard, and S. Charles
Oral Presentation
  • J.B. Curtis
  • M.A. Sares, P. Morgan, and V.J. Grauch
Poster Presentation
  • M.D. Vanden Berg
  • J.E. Leonard, C.P. James, V. Leighton, H.C. Samuel, and G.G. Lash
  • S. Bhattacharya and K.D. Newell
Oral Presentation
  • T. Engelder, G. Lash
  • J. Schieber
  • R. G. Loucks, S.C. Ruppel
Poster Presentation
  • D. Streit, C. Dacre, E. Wemmelmann, C. Joyce
Oral Presentation
  • H. H. Schmitt
  • W. A. Ambrose
Poster Presentation
  • J.F.W. Gale, J. Holder, and R. M. Reed
Oral Presentation
  • R. M. Bustin, D. Ross, and G. Chalmers
  • B. A. Hardage and D. Sava
Poster Presentation
  • J.F.W. Gale, R. M. Reed, and R.H. Lander
Oral Presentation
  • G. Ulrich, Mark Finkelstein, J. Weber and R. DeBruyn
Poster Presentation
  • M. Cameron, S.R. Bereskin, J. Kieschnick, R. Suarez-Rivera
  • T. Nardin, H.R. Feldman, J.P. Irish, D. Jannette, D. Heyser
  • T. Nardin, H.R. Feldman, J.P. Irish, D. Jannette, D. Heyser
Oral Presentation
  • Andrew R. Scott and D.F. Balin
  • Richard M. Pollastro
  • J.R. Levine and Creties Jenkins
Poster Presentation
  • K. David Newell, T.A. Johnson, W.M. Brown, J.P. Lange, and T.R. Carr
  • Roy C. Davies, J.A. Howell, S. Flint, C. Diessel, and R. Boyd
  • Jonathan M. Pearce, T. J. Shepherd, J.P. Girard, Y. M. Le Nindre, S.J. Kemp, H. Pauwels, and I. Czernichowski
  • James W. Johnson, J. J. Nitao, S. C. Blair, and J. P. Morris
  • Amy E. Whitaker and J. Caldaro-Baird
  • William J. Winters, W. F. Waite, D. H. Mason, I. Novosel, O. M. Boldina, S. R. Dallimore, T. S. Collett, T. D. Lorenson, C. K. Paull, R. E. Rogers, W. R. Bryant, and T. M. McGee
  • Robert B. Hunter, S. A. Digert, R. R. Casavant, T. S. Collett, S. L. Patil, R. A. Johnson, M. M. Poulton, C. E. Glass, K. M. Mallon, and A. Dandekar
  • Harry Roberts, J. M. Coleman, J. M. Hunt, W. W. Shedd, and R. Sassen
2003 Charles E. Barker
Seiichi Nagihara
Martin K. Dubois
Richard D. Miller
Jack C. Pashin
2002 William P. Dillon
Hideaki Takahashi
R. Matsumoto
Andrew W. Scott (2 awards)
2001 Walter B. Ayers
James M. Ellis
Ernest Gomez
Chad Harris
2000 J. W. Reinhardt
Roy D. Adams
1999 Phillip M. Wright
K. Gawell
1998 Kirk A. Barrell
Robert Hopkins
Patrick J. Shannon
1993 Andrew R. Scott
William A. Ambrose
Marylin P. Segall
Janina K. Rafalska
S. A. Kuehl
1991 Dudley D. Rice
R. M. Flores
James M. Ellis
Pat D. Caldwell
Peter B. Goodwin
Carol M. Tremain
Stephen E. Laubach
1990 Fons Dekker
Zeev Berger
1984 Nathan W. Bower
Thomas D. Davies
Susan H. Freeman
Robert Raymond, Jr.
John C. Ferm
Peter D. Warwick
Romeo M. Flores
Richard L. Reynolds
Neil S. Fishman
Christine E. Turner-Peterson