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James G. Clough, P.G.

Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Survey

Fairbanks, Alaska

Pacific Section

James G. Clough, P.G., is a Senior Geologist with The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Fairbanks, Alaska. Clough currently serves as the EMD Pacific Councilor. He is past president of the Alaska Geological Society (2008-2009). His fields of research interests include: resources of coal-bearing rocks; carbonate sedimentology with a focus on the stratigraphic evolution of carbonate sequences and their stacking geometries; paleokarst systems; fossil calcareous algae, stromatolites and microbial mats; and Circum-arctic tectonics.

During and following graduate school, Clough worked in uranium, gold and copper exploration in Alaska and modern carbonate field studies in the Bahamas, Australia and French Polynesia. He has served as head of the DGGS Energy Resources Section for 10 years and has been involved in coalbed-methane studies, coal-resource evaluations and stratigraphy and geologic mapping. He has a bachelor's degree in geology from the College of Wooster and a master's degree in geology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.