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Art Johnson

Art Johnson, P.G.

Hydrate Energy International

Kenner, Louisiana

Gas Hydrates Committee

Arthur H. Johnson, P.G. is the Chair of the EMD Gas Hydrates Committee. He has advised Congress and the White House on gas hydrate issues and presently chairs the U.S. Department of Energy Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee. Johnson is President and Chief of Exploration for Hydrate Energy International and is engaged in energy consulting in the U.S. and throughout the world. Prior to forming HEI in 2002, Johnson was a geologist with Chevron for 25 years, which included most aspects of hydrocarbon exploration and development as a geologist, including seven years as Division Geologist in Chevron’s New Orleans office. Johnson was instrumental in initiating Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico program for gas hydrate studies in 1995 and is an acknowledged industry expert in the field of gas hydrate exploration and evaluation.

Johnson is also an educator and has been an industry representative to both technical and non-technical agencies and organizations, and is currently an adjunct research professor at Tulane University. He continues his role coordinating research efforts of industry, universities, and government agencies. He has been appointed as a Lead Analyst for the “Global Energy Assessment”, an international project supported by the World Bank, United Nations organizations, and national governments. He has published over 60 papers and articles, along with several books. His recent publications include “Economic Geology of Natural Gas Hydrate”, “Alternative Energy and Fuels Technology”, and “AAPG Memoir 89”. Articles in press include topics on energy conversion, global resource estimation, and the geology of Mars.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in geology from Humboldt State University, with graduate study at Louisiana State University. He is a member of AAPG-EMD , SEG, GSA, AGU, and SEPM