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Jock McCracken, P.G.

Egret Consulting, Inc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Jock McCracken, P.Geol, currently Canadian Councilor for the EMD, has been a member of the EMD Shale Gas Committee since 2007 and was recently invited to serve as a member of the EMD Shale Gas & Liquids Technical Committee’s Advisory Committee.

After a thirty-year career with the major oil and gas companies, McCracken retired and is operating as Egret Consulting Inc., where he has been busy during the last year and a half working on plays in India, West Newfoundland, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Romania. He is a prospect and lead generator specializing in regional geology with the focus on understanding the source rocks using a global geological analytical approach, integrating multi-data sets. Unconventional plays and anything about source rocks are his interest. Currently his focus has been on getting a well drilled in West Newfoundland testing an unconventional oil-in-shale play.

Prior to this, his early career was with Mobil Oil in Calgary, St.John’s, Toronto and London, U.K., and then Petro-Canada/Suncor in Calgary. He has specialized, throughout his career, in international and frontier exploration with experience in all the onshore and offshore basins of Eastern Canada, the North Sea, China and Alaska. He was part of team that recently evaluated a diverse number of new plays in the basins of North America including all the shale plays. His early work helped contribute to the success of Hibernia and White Rose on the Canadian East Coast, among others.

McCracken received his B.Sc. degree in Oceanography (Geological) at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is an active member of CSPG (1982), AAPG (1983), APEGGA (1983) and EMD (2006). He has been an Industry Advisor for two Natural Resources Canada committees. One was for PERD from1999 to 2009, which is a Science and Technology program involved in designing and funding work in support of the Canada’s energy priorities. The other was the short lived, 2003, Unconventional Natural Gas Committee within the Climate Change Technology and Innovation Initiative.

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