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About Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan

Colorado Geological Survey

Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Section

Paul Morgan, Ph.D., currently serves on the Advisory Committee for the EMD Geothermal Energy Committee and Councilor of the Rocky Mountain Section of EMD.

Since graduate school, Morgan has held various teaching and research positions at New Mexico State University, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Purdue University, and Northern Arizona University, with sabbatical time at the Macquarie University in Australia. He has conducted heat flow/geothermal studies on five of the seven continents and three of the eight (or nine) planets and the Moon.

Morgan holds a B.S. degree in geology and physics from Durham University and Ph.D. degree in Geophysics from Imperial College of London University. He continued via a Post-doc at Southern Methodist University under David Blackwell. He currently is employed by the Colorado Geological Survey.