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Candidates for President-Elect 2013-14 (President 2014-15)

Fran Hein | View Robert Trevail

Chief Geologist, Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta, Calgary, AB, Canada


AAPG Activities:

AAPG Awards:

Vision Statement:

(published for president-elect candidates only)

To enhance and enlarge EMD's role as a Technical Interest Division within the AAPG, as a Center of Excellence, to foster strong ties with the other Divisions, and to encourage multidisciplinary activities in the understanding and public dissemination of new technological and scientific information related to Energy Minerals and Other Unconventional Energy Commodities, both for the AAPG Membership and to the wider public domain.

Candidates for President-Elect 2013-14 (President 2014-15)

Robert Trevail | View Fran Hein

Dallas Energy, LLC, Freedom, PA


Professional Affiliations:

EMD/AAPG Activities:

Joined AAPG as Student Member in 1976, Active Member since 1982
Member EMD & DPA

AAPG Honors & Awards:

Vision Statement:

(published for president-elect candidates only)

I am honored to be considered for President-Elect of the Energy Mineral Division. EMD provides a valuable service to its members, AAPG members and the public at large through delivery of timely and important technical reports prepared by EMD commodity committee chairs and councilors as well as the AAPG publications it sponsors. In order to continue this valuable service I believe EMD will need to undertake two activities: First, work with AAPG to streamline the information delivery system primarily through an update of the EMD website and embracing social media; and second, encourage AAPG Young Professionals to become EMD members and become actively involved in EMD affairs in order to ensure the organization is always moving forward with new ideas.