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Candidates for Vice President 2014-15

Anne C. Draucker | View Paul Hackley

Chevron, Bakersfield, CA


Professional Affiliations:

Career History

I am currently a petrophysicist for Chevron in the San Joaquin Valley. I generate and apply petrophysical models for several heavy oil fields, primarily shaley sands. My responsibilities also include advising project teams on appropriate logging programs, data acquisition, and analysis; conducting petrophysical training for new geologists and transfers; and software usage support. Previous assignments include Petrophysics trainee and Asset Development Geologist for the Coalinga Oil Field. Duties during those assignments included coursework in petrophysics, planning and drilling wells, OOIP/COIP mapping, 3D modelling, horizontal well planning, reservoir monitoring, and lookbacks. I interned with Chevron in both 2004 and 2005, in Midway-Sunset Field and Petronius (Gulf of Mexico) respectively.

Paul C. Hackley | View Anne Draucker

U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA


Professional Affiliations:


Career History

I joined the U.S. Geological Survey Energy Resources Team full-time in 2001 after spending four summers with the organization as a field assistant, mapping meta-igneous rocks in the Mid-Atlantic States. My experience in the Energy Resources group has included some international work on coal deposits in Afghanistan and Venezuela but my primary focus has been in the study of Gulf Coast basin energy resources. In the Gulf basin I have worked on coalbed methane, coal resource assessment, conventional oil and gas assessment and, most recently, shale petroleum systems, some of which has been published in the AAPG Bulletin. With co-authors, I have given approximately seventy papers in conference proceedings and have published approximately the same number of papers in the peer-reviewed literature. My primary research interests are in organic petrology and I manage a state-of-the-art laboratory at USGS for optical microscopy, including microscopes for reflectance and spectral fluorescence. The USGS organic petrology laboratory has led recent efforts to standardize reflectance measurements in shale petroleum systems, including publication of ASTM D7708 Standard test method for microscopical determination of the reflectance of vitrinite dispersed in sedimentary rocks. At the last ACE in Houston I presented results of an international interlaboratory study to develop precision statistics for the D7708 test method, which is critical for robust determination of thermal maturity in shale petroleum systems.