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Atlas of Coal Geology

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CD Contents

Volume I - Coal Geology

Overview of Exploration, Mining, and Coalbed Methane

  • Overview of Coal Exploration
  • Introduction to Coal Mining
  • Overview of Coalbed Methane

Depositional Environments and Sedimentary Geology

  • Coal Depositional Systems
  • Paleochannels
  • Splits, Partings, Rider Coals, and Subsystems
  • Sedimentary Intrusions
  • Lithological Controls on Mining and CBM Production

Structural Geology

  • Stress Environment
  • Folds and Inclined Beds
  • Joints
  • Cleats
  • Slickenslides in Coal-Bearing Strata
  • Faults

Other Geological Topics

  • Igneous Intrusions and Extrusions
  • Coal Seam Burns
  • Weathering
  • Environment and Coal Resource Utilization

Coal AtlasVolume II - Coal Petrology

Origin of Coal
Petrography of Coal

  • Macerals
  • Maceral Analysis
  • Micro-lithotypes
  • Lithotypes
  • Minerals and Mineral Matter

Coal Utilization

  • Combustion
  • Metallurgical Coals

Photo Index

  • Vitrinite
  • Liptinite
  • Inertinite
  • Other Coal
  • Mineral Groups
  • Rank Index
  • Locations
  • Age