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The AAPG - EMD Members Only page expands the information provided on the public site in the following areas.

Commodity Committees

The EMD Unconventional Resources Committee (URC), consisting of: Coalbed Methane, Gas Hydrates, Gas Shales, Oil (Tar) Sands, Oil Shale, Tight Gas Sands, and the traditional resources of: Coal, Uranium, Geothermal Energy, and Renewable Energy, along with the Supporting Committees of Energy Economics & Technology and of Publications have all expanded their activities to provide even more technical information to AAPG members.

Each discipline includes an introduction, current reports for both mid-year and annual meetings, an events calendar, Web links,Wikipedia discussion and references. Listed are contacts to each committee’s chair, the vice chairs from each division of AAPG and from industry, government and university fields. Archives, pertinent EXPLORER articles and other presentations by the committees are included. Advisory committee members and observing committee members are also listed.

Other Resources

Other information provided includes:

EMD Activities
  • EMD Sections / Regions
  • EMD Leadership Meeting Reports
  • Past Leadership
  • EMD Membership Analysis
  • Membership Directory
  • Bylaws of Division
  • EMD Annual Reports to AAPG
  • EMD Business Plan
  • Procedures Manual
  • Past EMD Candidates
Publications and Awards
  • EMD EXPLORER Articles
  • EMD Newsletters
  • EMD Honors and Awards
    • Award Descriptions and Nomination Forms
    • Past Recipients
  • EMD Abstracts