EMD Membership

A mature society, EMD has more than 1,200 members in countries around the world. In the United States, a member is assigned to one of six regional sections based upon his/her mailing address.

By Region/Section

Eastern Section 14%
Gulf Coast Section 23%
Southwest Section 11%
Mid-Continent Section 10%
Rocky Mountain Section 21%
Pacific Section .06%
Canada Region .05%

International Region

As of December 2007

By Employment

Oil Companies 28%
Consultants/ Independents 33%
Educational Institutions .04%
Environmental Companies .01%
Service Companies .04%
U.S. Department of the Interior .02%
National Government .01%
State Government .05%
Mining Companies <1%
Other Employment <1%
Retired .04%
Students .06%
Unknown .04%
As of December 2007

These statistics are measured by AAPG at the end of each year.

Intro to EMD

An Introduction to EMD

About EMD

The Energy Minerals Division (EMD) is one of three divisions of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the largest professional association of geoscientists in the world. Organized in 1977, EMD serves as an international forum for those working in the exploration, development, and production of energy sources other than conventional oil and natural gas.

The purpose of EMD is to advance the science of geology as it relates to remote sensing and to any earth materials capable of being used for energy production, to provide a forum for addressing developments in mineral and energy economics and in fuels supply and utilization technology, and to promote the integration of geoscientific knowledge with those in related professions and activities.

Technical committees include:

Coal geologists can attain special distinction in their fields by becoming Certified Coal Geologists by AAPG.  

EMD Bylaws

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