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23 Reasons to Join AAPG and EMD

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23 Reasons to Join AAPG and EMD:

1. EMD Home Page
... to lean what the current EMD President and Past Presidents are saying of the state of the EMD.
2. EMD Members’ Only webpage
... containing technical information on eleven (11) Commodities.
3. Educational offerings
... to attend (or sponsor) courses on recent developments in the profession at minimal cost.
4. Interaction with professionals in all geoscience fields ...
... to better understand the relationship of your work to the geoscience
5. Contact with the world's professionals ...
... to gain knowledge of scientific and technological developments in other countries
6. Access to an international audience ...
... to insure that your ideas receive wide consideration
7. Networking opportunities ...
... to maximize your potential and help you get things done
8. Career assistance ...
... to transition to a new field or enhance your abilities in your present field
9. Creative outlet ...
... to design programs, e.g. workshops, meeting sessions, and field trips, to satisfy your needs
10. Prestige ...
... to know you are active in an organization which leads the profession
11. Continuity and excellence in service performance ...
... to experience consistent quality in all services designed to meet your professional needs
12. Regional, national, and international meetings ...
... to keep you current with scientific and economic trends
13. International symposia ...
... to enjoy hearing state-of-the-art presentations on particular subjects
14. EMD co-sponsored journal ...
Natural Resources Research
15. AAPG Bulletin ...
... to stay abreast of (or publishc) scientific research
... to read (or communicate) the latest news on all geoscience fields, professional trends, and society activities
17. Books and CD-ROMs ...
... to expand your library with a wide variety of inexpensive, high-quality publications
18. Distinguished Lecturer and Visiting Geoscientist programs ...
... to hear (or become) a recognized professional leader in a specialty area
19. Professional standards ...
... to associate with your peers in the development of standards of ethical practice
20. Professional certifications ...
... to acquire coal geology’s prestigious credential, the Certified Coal Geologist, (or to establish peer certification in other fields).
21. Personal services and business activity support ...
... to enroll in insurance and car rental programs and to sell your deal, service or product
22. Receptive society leadership ...
... to influence the directions and practices of your profession
23. House of Delegates ...
... to elect your representatives to the body which shapes society policies and programs

To join both EMD and AAPG or for additional information, please contact:

Norma Newby, Manager
AAPG Office of Divisions
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, OK 74101-0979

Contact Numbers:
(800) 364-2274 Toll Free U.S. and Canada
(918) 560-2613 Voice
(918) 560-2694 Fax