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It’s been said many times before, but it’s worth repeating. Everything about exploring for and developing energy resources is about location. The ability to integrate and assimilate many diverse data types and sources onto one map, georeferenced to correctly overlay each other, is a powerful tool to help the geoscientist use all available information to make informed decisions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their associated technologies have evolved as the way to accomplish this integration. Once combined into one digital map, the geoscientist will be able to visualize new relationships and perform spatial analysis to better understand complex systems.

The umbrella of “geospatial information” includes a number of technologies besides GIS:

Specialists within the upstream oil and gas industry have been using this technology for decades, and in recent years, a few companies have implemented GIS software as a standard tool in explorationist’s workstations so that this integration is used by most geoscientists.

AAPG has recognized the power of geospatial data and has charged an ad-hoc committee with putting together a strategy for the association to begin capturing geospatial data from incoming and legacy technical articles and to make that library of geospatial data available to the membership.

This committee has put together an extensive list of data sources, internet links and references in the members-only section of the EMD website. We invite you to join EMD and take advantage of these.

For a complete version of the above, see the Committee’s Annual Report (May 2013) on the EMD Members Only page (log-in required).

If you would like to learn more about GIS or to receive information on GIS, or on activities of the EMD Geospatial Information Committee, join the EMD. If you are already an EMD Member, see “Members Only Pagehttp://emd.aapg.org/members_only/geospatial/index.cfm for updates on GIS, for links to technical information on GIS, and for related environmental information that may impact GIS.

For further information on this committee’s activities, go to the Members’ Only Web page or contact:

Chair: Samuel H. Limerick
Phone: (775) 825-0640

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