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Certificate of Merit Awards

Year Recipients
2012 Paul Basinski
Larry Knox
Jack C. Pashin
Peter Warwick
2011 Art Johnson
Amy E. Sullivan
2010 Laura L. Wray
Douglas C. Peters
2009 Donna F. Balin
Michael A. Wiley
Amy Sullivan
Creties Jenkins
2008 Stephen M. Testa
Creties Jenkins
2007 Michael A. Wiley
Andrea A. Reynolds
2006 Rick Richardson
Willem Langenberg
2005 Creties Jenkins
Janet Brister
Michael Jones
2004 Dennis L. Nielson
Dennis McMurdie
Gayle H. "Scott" McColloch, Jr.
2003 Roger D. Fisher
Walter B. Ayers, Jr.
Douglas C. Peters
Dallas B. Dunlap
Ronald L. Grubbs
Harold H. Rogers, III
2002 Thomas D. Fouch
Timothy S. Collett
John R. Dyni
Margaret Anne Rogers
2001 Chacko J. John
Richard P. McCulloh
2000 Peter D. Warwick
Andrew R. Scott
Thomas E. Ewing
1999 James C. Hower
Alexander R. Papp
Douglas C. Peters
Phillip M. Wright
1998 John C. Sticpewich
Rebecca Dodge
1997 H. Robert Hopkins
Bob Greier
Robert H. Barton
1996 Rebecca Dodge
D. Keith Murray
B. Mitchell Blake
1995 Graham R. Curtis
Neil S. Fisher
Gretchen K. Hoffman
H. Robert Hopkins
Robert G. Maynard
Peter J. McCabe
1994 Michael N. Fein
Melville C. Erskine, Jr.
Frank D. Pruett
D. Keith Murray
1993 Michael A. Wiley
John W. Gableman
Douglas C. Peters
E. E. "Ned" Gilbert
Syed M. Hasan
Carroll F. Knutson