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Distinguished Service


The Distinguished Service Award was initiated by the Division in 1990 to recognize a member’s continuous, outstanding, exceptional, meritorious service to the Division. The award is a walnut plaque with the EMD medallion, engraved certificate bearing the recipients name, the citation, and date. This award is the second highest service award within EMD. RECIPIENTS

To make a nomination either use the following online submittal form or download this Microsoft Word form to save and return via email.

Name of Nominee
Recommended by
Recommendor's Email:
Summarize why the Honors and Awards Committee should consider this nominee

Supporting documentation such as vita, letters of support, etc. should be emailed separately to Norma Newby; use as much space as needed.

Some sample citations:

for her/his work in developing the new EMD Web Site.

In honor and recognition of outstanding leadership and dedicated service to the Energy Minerals Division as…

With many thanks for many years of dedicated service to the Energy Minerals Division

Other examples can be found in the awards section of the convention issue of the Explorer.

Proposed Citation

Please include a 25 word or less Citation for the award

Please enter the text as you see it in textbox below.


Upon submittal this form will be sent to Norma Newby, Manager of the Office of Divisions at AAPG Headquarters. All supporting documentation may be forwarded to her either by email or postal mail.

Norma Newby
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74101-0979

Email: nnewby@aapg.org