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EMD Commodity Committees:
Unconventional Resources Group
Coalbed Methane
Gas Hydrates
Oil (Tar) Sands
Oil Shale
Tight Gas Sand
Shale Gas & Liquids
Alternative Resources Group
Geothermal Energy
Renewable Energy (WIND, SOLAR, HYDRO, ETC.)
EMD Supporting Committees
Energy Economics & Technology
Publications Committee

The AAPG-EMD connections have evolved out of a long history of oil and gas development, which have further expanded into the need to develop the science of geology to support the exploration and development for a variety of new energy resources, whether they be carbon-based, nuclear-based, or consist of energy available in the environment, both now and in the foreseeable future.

EMD focuses on the unconventional hydrocarbons (including coalbed methane, gas hydrates, shale gas & liquids, oil shale, and oil sands, tight gas sands, and on the so-called alternative energy resources of coal, uranium (and nuclear minerals), geothermal energy, more recently monitoring of the renewable energy resources - such as wind, solar, tidal, etc. Additional concerns of the Division are the on energy economics and technology.

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