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Term President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer
1977-78 Loyd A. Carlson Warren H. Westphal* Ruffin I. Rackley
1978-79 Warren H. Westphal* Frederick R. Scheerer Ruffin I. Rackley
1979-80 Frederick R. Scheerer John A. Pederson Robert L. Fuchs
1980-81 John A. Pederson Samuel A. Friedman Robert L. Fuchs
1981-82 Robert L. Fuchs J. Henri N. Wennekers Norbert E. Cygan
1982-83 Ruffin I. Rackley Charles W. Berge Norbert E. Cygan
1983-84 Charles W. Berge Norbert E. Cygan Edward C. Beaumont
1984-85 Norbert E. Cygan Philip C. Goodell Edward C. Beaumont
1985-86 Philip C. Goodell D. Keith Murray O. Jay Gatten
1986-87 D. Keith Murray Frank E. Kottlowski O. Jay Gatten
1987-88 Frank E. Kottlowski Jeremy B. Platt Sandra C. Feldman
1988-89 Jeremy B. Platt Donald F. Towse Sandra C. Feldman
1989-90 Donald F. Towse Samuel A. Friedman Sandra C. Feldman
1990-91 Samuel A. Friedman Douglas C. Peters Sandra C. Feldman
1991-92 Douglas C. Peters Carl J. Smith Frank D. Pruett
1992-93 Carl J. Smith John W. Gabelman Frank D. Pruett
1993-94 John W. Gabelman Charles G. “Chip” Groat Frank D. Pruett
1994-95 Charles G. “Chip” Groat Gayle H. ”Scott“ McColloch Frank D. Pruett
1995-96 Gayle H. “Scott” McColloch, Jr. Carroll F. Knutson Peter J. McCabe
1996-97 Carroll F. Knutson Margaret Anne Rogers Peter J. McCabe
Term President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1997-98 Margaret Anne Rogers Lawrence L. Brady Samuel A. Friedman Carroll F. Knutson
Term President Vice President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer
1998-99 Lawrence L. Brady Jack C. Pashin Thomas E. Ewing Brian J. Cardott James C. Hower
1999-00 Thomas E. Ewing Andrew R. Scott Ronald L. Grubbs Brian J. Cardott Michael A. Wiley
2000-01 Ronald L. Grubbs Brian J. Cardott Andrew R. Scott Alexander R. Papp Michael A. Wiley
2001-02 Andrew R. Scott Chacko J. John Rebecca L. Dodge Alexander R. Papp Michael A. Wiley
2002-03 Rebecca L. Dodge Alexander R. Papp Chacko J. John Walter R. Ayers, Jr. Michael A. Wiley
2003-04 Chacko J. John Peter D. Warwick Brian J. Cardott Elizabeth B. Campen Michael A. Wiley
2004-05 Brian J. Cardott Elizabeth B. Campen Peter D. Warwick Samuel H. Limerick Michael A. Wiley
2005-06 Peter D. Warwick Creties Jenkins William A. Ambrose Samuel H. Limerick K. David Newell
2006-07 William A. Ambrose Jack C. Pashin Douglas G. Patchen Elizabeth "Betsy" Campen K. David Newell
2007-08 Douglas G. Patchen Larry M. Knox Creties Jenkins Elizabeth "Betsy" Campen Neil S. Fishman
2008-09 Creties Jenkins Andrea A. Reynolds Frank E. Walles Amy E. Sullivan Neil S. Fishman
2009-10 Frank E. Walles Frances J. Hein Michael D. Campbell Amy E. Sullivan Kent Bowker
Term President Vice President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President
2010-11 Michael D. Campbell Frances J. Hein Stephen M. Testa Frances J. Hein Kent Bowker Frank E. Walles
2011-12 Stephen M. Testa Dale Fritz Andrea A. Reynolds Frances J. Hein David Tabet Michael D. Campbell
2012-13 Andrea A. Reynolds Robert A. Trevail Jeremy Boak Bruce Handley David Tabet Stephen M. Testa
2013-14 Jeremy Boak James G. Clough Frances J. Hein Bruce Handley Charles Morris Boyer, II Andrea A. Reynolds