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A Message from EMD’s President

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A Message from EMD’s President

Jeremy Boak, PH.D., P.G.

Jeremy Boak, President EMDTo Energy Resource Geologists Around the World:

Welcome to the Public Home Page of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)'s Energy Minerals Division's website.  As President of EMD, one of my duties is to introduce the EMD to new AAPG members and to anyone finding us for the first time on this webpage, at meetings, or anywhere else.

EMD is about exploration, development and production of unconventional and alternative energy resources.  Formed in 1977, EMD offers technical infor­mation, publications, and meeting programs to its members, the general public and non-AAPG geologists covering alternate energy re­sources (coal and lignite, uranium, and geothermal energy) and unconventional resources (coal-bed methane, gas hydrates, shale-hosted gas & liquids, tight sands gas, traditional shale oil and oil sands oil).  Renewables such as wind and solar are also included as alterna­tive energy resources.

No matter where one looks, the role of alternative and unconventional energy resources is projected to increase dramatically over the next 25 years. It is these alternative and unconventional re­sources that will make up an important part of the available carbon-based energy resources that will likely assist in our transition to more climate-friendly energy strategy over the next 30 years and beyond.  With a national political and policy emphasis on unconventional and al­ternative energy strategies, there is no better time to become involved in what is becoming part of our everyday discussion on energy. 

As a Division of the AAPG, EMD is part of a professional association of some 36,000 (current number for AAPG membership) geologists working in the U.S. and overseas, which leads the way in disseminating information about new methods and techniques in the exploration for and production of these new energy resources.  The need continues to develop the science and technology of energy resource geology for exploration and develop­ment of unconventional resources, as well as the traditional nuclear-based and thermal-based energy resources. These resources will support strong economies around the world as renewable energy sources attempt to become an integral part of the energy fu­ture.

EMD members are integral to the AAPG membership and you will find them assisting in their local societies and on a regional, national and international level in the development of the science of geology and geophysics in special symposia, workshops, short courses, and field trips. EMD members contribute to the AAPG Bulletin, the AAPG EXPLORER, to EMD memoirs and special publications, to the EMD-supported journal, Natural Resources Research, and the DEG journal, Environmental Geosciences.

EMD membership dues have been eliminated as an imped­iment to joining EMD, and the volume and quality of the technical infor­mation and training programs have increased substantially.  These changes, as well as new programs, new services, and a re-structured EMD designed to improve communica­tions between AAPG and EMD leadership have resulted in a significant increase in EMD membership.

We have all seen that environmental concerns commonly drive policy and that policy affects all energy resources exploration and develop­ment, regardless of the respective merits of the policies and the underlying concerns.  Envi­ronmental and policy concerns are of special interest to other divisions of AAPG: re­spectively, the Division of Environmental Geosciences and the Division of Professional Affairs (DPA).  The three Divisions provide relevancy and depth to AAPG and AAPG member­ship.  The member benefits provided by AAPG for many decades are complemented by the increasing contributions from the EMD, DPA, DEG, and the new Petroleum Structure and Geomechanics Division that help make us better geoscientists, better prepared for the challenges of the 21st Cen­tury.

So, if you are a member of AAPG, just click a box in your AAPG profile to become a member of EMD with access to all of the Members Only webpages and associated technical infor­mation.  If you are a geologist working on energy resources and are not an AAPG member, and are waiting for an invitation, here it is:  see AAPG and EMD Membership Applications. You won't regret it.

These are exciting times for EMD and those involved in energy resources.

I invite you all to participate in this innovative and challenging venture!


Jeremy Boak, President, EMD (2013-14)