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The following publications were produced by the Energy Minerals Division and are distributed through AAPG's Store.

Energy Resources for Human
Settlement in the Solar System...
AAPG Memoir 101

Edited by W. A. Ambrose, J. F. Reilly II, and D. C. Peters

AAPG Memoir 101 is a comprehensive and integrated review of energy resources in the Solar System, including materials that could both sustain future manned expeditions as well as meet Earth's energy challenges in the 21st century and beyond. Any long-range program of human exploration and settlement of the solar system must consider in situ resource utilization; the vital role that extraterrestrial energy minerals and related resources must play in support of human habitation of near Earth Space as well as the nearby worlds of the Moon, Mars and the Near Earth Asteroids.

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Atlas of Coal Geology
AAPG Studies in Geology, No. 45

by Alexander R. Papp, James C. Hower, and Douglas C. Peters

This two-volume publication on CD-ROM is designed as a reference and learning resource for both the novice and the expert in academia or the energy industry. Fully searchable by key words.


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Geology in Coal Resource Utilization

by Douglas C. Peters

A compilation designed to show how geology and geologic concepts can be applied to coal resource exploration, extraction, and utilization. The papers are directed at managers to demonstrate the applications -- and limitations -- of geology in the coal industry.

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Sequence Stratigraphy, Paleoclimate, and Tectonics of Coal-Bearing Strata
AAPG Studies in Geology, No. 51

by Jack C. Pashin and Robert A. Gastaldo

The origin of coal-bearing strata has been debated vigorously for more than a century, and with the emergence of coalbed methane as a major energy resource and the possibility of sequestering greenhouse gas in coal, this debate has never been more relevant.

This volume contains 10 chapters on coal-bearing strata of Carboniferous through Tertiary age and is based on a special session that was held at an AAPG Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The contributors to this volume have employed a multitude of approaches ranging from basin analysis to plant taphonomy to support a variety of views on the sequence stratigraphy, paleoclimate, and tectonics of coal-bearing strata.

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Unconventional Energy Resources of North America
AAPG Poster

by John R. Dyni

This is an excellent summary of information about coal, coalbed methane, natural gas hydrates, oil (tar) sands, oil shale, geothermal energy, and uranium. Anticipated readership:

  • geologists
  • university geoscience departments
  • federal and state administrators
  • high school students and
  • the informed public.

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